Walking Corpse- Short Story-Part two

One year ago, after confession when I stepped out of the church, I worked on how to proceed to Isha. I tried hard, renter in her life, put all the efforts, and won her back. By the end of the year, we had been living an ideal life. It was all amazing.  That was the stage, when my life’s purpose was fulfilled. And I needed to tell her the truth. I couldn’t tell her directly, as she might not have had accepted it. So I worked out this was the best way for letting her free.

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Walking Corpse- Short Story-Part three

I was sadly mistaken that Isha had moved on. A day ago, as soon as she left the graveyard, I headed straight to my grave, to embrace the fragrance of Isha in the air. I found her wedding ring kept with the rose she left for me. I concluded happily that she had moved on. I laid on the grave and stared gazing the sky, while playing with her ring in my little finger.  Soon I heard Bhavesh screaming, “Leeeee………….!”. He ran towards me as I quickly got up. Isha stood like a rock at her place. She fainted.

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