Buyer-Seller Online Presence| Digital Marketing-Introduction Part-4

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After crossing the context milestones “What is digital marketing? Who need it? Why they need it?  And do they make money out of It.?” ; Now we can now jump on the actual digital marketing concepts. What are they and why they are used?

Yes all those very familiar terms you all have heard: SEO, SMM, PPC, Adwords etc…….

-: Buyer –Seller online presence :-

Buyer/ Customers/Leads:

To begin with, let us revise an exercise we did in the first article.

“Pause for a minute and think of what do you do on the internet every day. On a usual day as soon as you open you mobile or the computer, you might check what’s app, Face book, Instagram or any social platform, and then your emails; or vice versa. When you want to look for some information you go to the search engine, may be Google. You put your queries your search engines reverts you hundreds of website links which contains the information you are looking for. So you land on the different websites looking for something of your interests. And of course you often visit your favourite YouTube too. You also use many mobile apps for shopping, creating collages, gaming, and for every other thing that was done physically before. On the computer also almost everything, that we could do physically, from shopping to banking, can be easily done online now a days.”

And since you are potential customers for all the sellers, they ensure that no platform is left behind. Everywhere you go, you find advertisements, on face book, you tube, Google, emails and on other service sites.

Sellers/ Business owners-

On the other end, sellers make their presence online through their websites. Website is the identity of the seller on the internet. Like in the real world, seller’s shop is his identity.  And hence the primary goal of a seller is to bring the customers on his website.  Just like businessman wants the customer to visit his shop.

However, website is not a compulsory and not only the identity can anyone have on the internet. Seller’s identity, depend on the type of the business.

Mid-scale and Bid Brands sellers make their presence online through their websites.

Youtubers will want audience to visit their Channel.

Blogger will want readers to visit their blog.

Very small scale business or personal branding people, like housewives or freelancers, or small real estate agents, can make Facebook page and Google listing as their identity.

However, irrespective of the identity platform, the main goal of all sellers’ is to bring customers on their websites/pages/channels/blog.

All activities we do, as digital marketing people, are ultimately, to bring traffic on the online identities. (Websites/pages/channels/ blog.)

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