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‘Catch Your Breath ‘is a belief that, a clear perspective can Transform lives. Life keeps happening around you. When you pause and look at it, you gain perspective on what is happening. And when you know what is happening, you can figure out what to do about it. And when your yourself choose, what to do with your life, you get hold on it. You become the commander and the nature surrenders. Which will make your life less chaotic and simpler.

Without perspective also, you can happily continue to live naturally as the life comes to you. That way you will gain learnings at times and can give away lessons at other times. But the perspective will surely make your life less complicated. And you can make most of it. You can live each moment fully.


‘Catch your Breath’ is based on the philosophy, that

“Success of life cannot be measured by achievements in the areas we have divided our lives into. Like more money, perfect body, perfect relations, great art works, or any other victories. Success of life will be measured in how much of the total time, during the journey you were feeling happy, satisfied, peaceful; no matter what circumstances you were in. “

This success is only possible when we are focused on how to gather ourselves in the time of anxiety, distress of grief.  Such times arrive when we face challenges, troubles or failures, which we call problems. Like any other happening, happy or sad these problems also die their own death, after living their natural lifecycle.

So, these problems continue to come and go on their own. And we can choose to continue to live with them. Or we can choose to pause and understand about the them, developing our own perspective; which will make ourselves calmer, while attempting those problems. And apparently this will increase our speed in the success run. (the calmer breaths, the more successful you are).


‘Catch your Breath’ team is on the mission, to contribute to the process of gaining perspective.  By providing the reader such content which will save his  time and energy.

All articles on Catch your Breath are created under three fundamental themes:


Stories of experienced people and lessons from experts, which explains about how other people faced the same problem, or achieved the same goal. These stories and lessons, provide an emotional support, boost the motivation, and develops the confidence, that the solutions are harmless and achievable. Also, they alert about the possible hurdles. So that,  we feel safer and we are more prepared to continue. Finally, the readers are encouraged to act.

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Information :

Information about a particular problem/ goal, shows; what are the possible solutions, and how to apply them? Now a days when we have access to all information about everything on our fingertips. It is indeed very difficult to pick and put that information in a right sequence to understand the process. Here informative articles are crafted, in the format, so that the reader can understand the process, step by step, from the scratch.

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Catch your breath is a platform where minds of writers and readers meet. We believe Art can heal the wounded minds. We believe, to exersice emotional well being of self; everyone should get a daily dose of any art form, wehther drawing, music, dance, performaces or any other activity.  Keeping in touch with the art forms, makes you keep in touch with your senses.  By Creating or Appreciating (Reading/watching); Human senses gets stimulated and get aligned.

Since we are the people of words, we publish the fiction crafts, Stories, Prose and poetries, in all languegs, without judging them

Read the Wonderful Stories and poetries to leave with an emotion evolved.

Contact Us   to publish your poem, or story, or any other prose, in any language. 

Wish all of you, more Love and peace !!

Team Catch Your Breath !!!

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