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Walking Corpse- Short Story-Part four

The dark room got enlighten when Isha appeared on the screen, spreading the glory of her charm, in the white maxi. She started from the beginning. “Last year, a day before my birthday eve, I received a courier. It was a small box containing a ‘Timex’ wrist watch, and a pink colour letter with a fragrance of Ed Hardy perfume. When a grown up man tries this teenage tricks, such disasters happens. It is not that Lee had not vowed any girl in his life. On the contrary he was a stud in his college. I discovered it from few photographs, posted on Facebook, by his old buddies.

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Walking Corpse- Short Story-Part five

Tom played the next DVD. Isha continued from the dinner we had together, when she agreed to meet me after receiving that letter. “Lee was always predictable. But this time he was indeed surprising me. He presented me a rose, and ordered my favourite food. I was stunned to learn that he knew about my likings. He never expressed himself, neither before marriage nor afterwards.

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