Digital Marketing Concepts and Tools| Digital Marketing Introduction Part-5

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All activities we do, as digital marketing people, are ultimately, to bring traffic on the online identities of the sellers namely Websites/pages/channels/ blog.

These activities are the Digital Marketing concepts: Let us look at them one by one:

Advertisements / Pay Per Click (PPC):

Paid advertisements on the internet, works just as the traditional advertisements works in real world. Seller pays some amount to the Google. Google places his Ad on various platforms, namely 1.Search engine (google).2 email (gmail) 3. Blogs and other websites. (banners). 4. Video channels and apps (youtube, hotstar etc.) .Tthe seller can set his preferences, can target audience and can decide on budget and number of days. And when someone clicks on the ad, seller’s money gets deducted. This way Seller only pays for the clicks he gets on his advertisement, and he is assured and can measure how many people have visited his ad.

However, in traditional mediums, like newspaper, hoarding, radio or Television, Seller only assumes that many people will watch his ad and finally purchase his products.

Digital advertisements much cheaper than traditional advertisements. And hence any small scale or individual can also afford to advertise his products or services; and grow his business.

Tool Used for Placing Ad on different platforms is “Adword”

Search Engine Optimization:

Simple definition: Sellers optimize their website, so that if a user type a query in the Google search engine, their website should come on the first page, on the first number. This will increase the chances, of users to visit their website. This is called On page SEO.

Now on Search engine when we type a query, we see first few links having an “AD “symbol. These are paid Advertisements we have discussed in the first paragraph.

The website link’s position in the search engine results (non paid ) is called “organic search ranking”, because the seller doesn’t pay for it. So the seller’s goal in digital terms is that, the website should rank as high as possible, organically.

If the seller’s website is by any chance is not present on the first page or in first 5 results, and the visitors are not going on it directly; the seller still try to make visitor happen to visit his website, through indirect ways. What he does is, he links his website, to the other famous websites, and add his business details to the several blogs and directories to appear on the top positions. In this case, the user visits the other website/blog/ directory and then reach on the seller’s website. This is Called Off page SEO.


Social Media Marketing-

Simple definition: Sellers optimize their Social media platforms, so that the users visiting social media platforms can be directed on their website. For this Seller is present on each platform as possible and as needed. Like Facebook Pages, Linked in Profiles and Pages, Instagram, Twitter. Seller makes free profile and pages of his business, and  promote it through posting and other activities.

All these Platforms provide paid advertising options also, like Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads etc. These are paid Advertisements we have discussed in the first paragraph. Seller uses these options at times to reach more people.


Email Marketing-

We can see email promotions in our inbox. These are the emails send by the sellers to reach us. Emails are like flyers. Sellers distribute the flyers, most of them get trashed. Children make boats, ladies use them to clean the dust, and some put them directly to trash. But even if two of them get read by the receivers, they have high chance to get converted. And Seller’s target is fulfilled.

Similarly, sellers send Emails in bulks. And even if two of them work, seller’s target is reached. Seller can send up to thousands of emails for free of cost. The limit of sending free promotional emails in bulks varies with which tool he is using. And even some of them get converted; the seller’s goal is full filled.

In this digital world the emails are also fancy, they are clickable, and they have highly attractive graphics.

Seller can get the email list from the various sources. He sometimes has his own list. He can purchase the data from the distribution companies. Or can perform any activity to get the data.

Tools used for email marketing- Mail chimp, Reach Mail, Target Hero, Drip, Mad Mimi etc.

Emails in our inbox which have “Ad” symbol, are the advertisements we have discussed in the first paragraph. Seller uses these options at times to reach more people.

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