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Digital Marketing Learning Maps

Customized Digital marketing courses for individual needs.

About Digital Marketing Learning Maps

Digital Marketing Learning Maps is a venture with associated with the Experienced and professional trainers and Digital Marketing Enthusiasts. We are intended to provide Specially Designed short courses and segments of information which is structured and focused on a particular Learning Goal. Our vision is to make ‘Digital Marketing learning’ handy to everyone.  Youtubers, Bloggers, Business owners, Start up Owners, individual bakers, artists, Consultants, Trainers, Educational Institute owners, an sales professionals  can be benefited from it. If you are among these, you can find courses designed for you on the below links.

About Course Creator and Trainer: 

I have been working in digital marketing since its golden early days.  Being a people’s person, I was always crazy about Social Media. Blessed with a crack creative mind, and genetic curious hunger to learn, Google become my buddy since I had met it. it has literally sorted all my troubles  all through. So “Search Engines” are something which I worship. I have made an excellent use of emails to send out to the people all my emotions.  Email is something I always got praised for. I found it a very convenient medium to convey the message. Formal, Informal, Technical, everything can be solved in an email. Digital Marketing Learning Maps

With my passion to use all these internet platforms, I was always assigned tasks of internet activities. I used to promote and brand the company I worked in. I needed to write emails to  the database given. Also I have assigned a task to register on Blogger. (Read the full story here). All of these exciting things I mentioned, I have started doing in the year 2009.

Since 2013, I have started  working as freelance writer.  Not needed to mention separately that  I have kept myself upgraded by learning through the digital marketing courses and  self learn through internet.

Day by Day, the Digital marketing industry is growing and it has become the need of almost every person who wants to reach out to the people for some reason. the reason can be anything: Like selling your products or services, branding yourself, Looking for a job, working as a freelancer. Or just to portray you skills as writer, painters, artists, entertainers, educators etc.

Many people kept enquiring about digital marketing to me. And during the discussions I came to the conclusion that, Digital Marketing Subject is an ocean and not everyone needs to dive in the deep to fetch the pearls. Every person don’t need to attend a full time course of digital marketing. Specific goals can be met through the particular knowledge. And with this thought since 2017 I have started working on Digital Marketing Learning Maps.

As “Catch your Breath” , (my first venture), is also committed to make lives easier, I  have chosen this platform to put “DIGITAL MARKETING LEARNING MAPS ” material here. 

This is a series of blog posts, as the subject demands. Here the list of published and upcoming articles. The working links are the published posts. Yes ! go and read. And others will come soon. So stay tuned !!!

We are going to put all the lessons in the simplest  from/language possible, to be understood easily by everyone. Still if anytime , anywhere you get stuck, or confused, immediately drop an comment or email !!!

If you want to learn about a particular topic, drop  your query in the comments box. We will get back to you with the specially designed course for you.  Subscribe the website to get updates.


Digital Marketing Introduction

(Introduction to the Digital Marketing subject.  Useful for everyone. )

Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs (Coming soon)

(Digital Marketing  concepts useful for Business Owners , Start-up owners, Sales professionals handling marketing departments in the company, Consultancy professionals, and Individual people running services from their home) 

  1. Most Common questions of Business person regarding Digital Marketing.
  2. Why Is it ideal to learn digital marketing as a businessman? (What tools should I learn to market my myself)
  3. How can I take my business online?
  4. How to make a digital marketing plan?

Digital Marketing For Bloggers (Coming soon)

Digital Marketing For Youtubers (Coming soon)

Digital marketing For Freelancers (Coming Soon)

Careers In Digital Marketing Industry (Coming Soon)



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