The Third Eye- Writer Debaditya Majumder

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    Writing Contest August 2021 – Kids Category  (fantasy story)| Theme – “Fantasy land “

It was a dim day as I remember it, the chilly breezes spoke of the start of winter. I was quite happy that day because my winter was by far my favourite season. Nowadays I love to do a lot of things in winter that makes my mind happy and keeps me also happy. For me, winter was, is and will be my favourite season. Everything about winter fascinates me except one that makes my blood go cold.

Coming to the “dim day”, I had made myself a cup of hot coffee and was luxuriously seated in the chair of my veranda, and was gazing into the peaceful winter sky. Birds passed singing, I could hear the barking of my neighbour’s dog. I thought he was just as happy as me for winter had come. Apparently I was wrong.

Gazing into the sky, my eyelids became heavier and heavier while I became sleepier. I had no idea when I had passed out, but when I woke up and looked at the time it was 4 o’ clock. Weird, I thought I don’t normally sleep till this late. I went to make myself lunch, far away I could still hear the barking.

It was positively 4:45 p.m. and my lunch was ready. I was to start my lunch right away, when I had an eerie feeling. Something wasn’t right. I felt I was being watched, though I was the only one in the house. It’s my imagination, thought me and went on to guzzle up my deliciously prepared, home-made meal.

Time had passed, and I realized for 3 hours I had been watching television. It was 8 o’ clock now. It was time for my night stroll. I had some heart issues so my doctor suggested to take night strolls so I could live a little longer. I put on my jacket and went outside, locked my house and was set off. I had chosen a forest path for my stroll for fresh breeze from the trees could help me.

I always had a pocket knife handy since I was warned from my neighbours that sometimes groups of bandits camped here. That was rare, very rare. I had begun my walk and was halfway there when I heard hustles and sound of footsteps. I looked back and saw a dim light. The light was nearly 50 feet away from me. I began to walk a little faster and looked back once more. Now the light stood some twenty feet away. It was impossible. I adjusted my eyes and looked very carefully at the light, only to realize it was something else. A half bent man with extremely dirty mangled hair stood holding the light. The place above his nose or the forehead was slit open and an eye had been forcefully put inside it.

The ‘man’ jumped. It was no normal jump either. He jumped and he was directly in front of me now. And before being unconscious I heard it say ‘it is not the last you see of me’. I was fallen there for nearly an hour. At that time I didn’t care of anything in the world except for my life. I ran to my house and locked myself in. Panting heavily I went upstairs and went inside my bedroom and slept.

In my dreams I saw that very same old ‘man’. He kept repeating, ‘I will never leave you. You are my now. Very soon you will be me’.

The very next day I called for a church official to come and help me. He investigated my house and while doing it he flipped my bed over. And there I saw it. A box. I opened it and was shocked to find the photo of me with blood smeared over it and a human eye.

The man said that someone who lived in this house earlier would possibly be an enemy of mine and therefore he performed this dark magic ritual. He might even have murdered someone and gave the victim’s eyes to the demon he summoned. The demon took one eye and spared one, the one which the ‘man’ had.

It has now been over 3 years with that incident and I had shifted my house. This experience sometimes scared me out of my bed when I thought of it. After all who knows what is his destiny?

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