My Little Brother-Writer Maahi Lohiya

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    Writing Contest August 2021 – Rakshabandhan Category| Theme – “Sibling Bond “

Rakhi is a festival of the bond of brothers and sisters . A sister ties a rakhi and the brother gives the promise to protect her.

In my experience I am celebrating rakhi since much time. My brother demands me to give a creative cartoon rakhi and in return  I demand him to give me a fantastic gift. We go to our uncles our, aunts, grandparents house and first in the morning we talk, meet each other, and have breakfast and then celebrate rakhi. My aunt ties a rakhi to my father and then we play games in the evening we have dinner and then go to the beach, monument, a playground.

When my brother was born I was eager and excited to take him in my laps and the first time I took him in my laps when he was 5 to 6 days old. We fight on little things he gets my book and runs when I study but when my mom and dad calling scold him I always save him.

When I was at my nani’s house I used to miss him and he also used to miss me. Every day we talk to much time we missed each other very much.

During the pandemic we spend a lot of time with each other or else before the pandemic we couldn’t get time to spend with each other. We played basketball, cricket, badminton, tennis and many more games at home. We painted, played building blocks, ludo, snake and ladders and much more. We had much fun. Once my brother had a viral fever and he was admitted at the hospital. I met him only one time and he eated food from my hands and I bought him gems and many chocolates I stayed many hours. I prayed to God that he would get well soon.

When my online classes go on he sits on the bed beside me and takes my book and run. But still I neglect his mischievous because he is cute and talks sweetly. Whenever he does something he tells mum and dad that Maahi did everything and I get scolded from mum and dad.

When he doesn’t need any help from me or usually he calls me Maahi but when he needs any help from me he calls me Maahi didi. Our bond is continue we fight n forgive each other every day n we live happily.

Maahi Lohiya

5th Standrad 9 Years

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