Sibling Bond- Writer Reeya Joshi

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    Writing Contest August 2021 – Rakshabandhan Category| Theme – “Sibling Bond “


A 100% bond is what I found between me and my younger brother, since the first time we met. This is the oldest memry that I have of him. Coming back from school on 9 april, 2007 was just as ordinary as ever but seeing the buzz going around in my house told a different story. Within a minute I was quickly ushered inside and changed into one of my best outfits. Just as I was settling in my mam ji (maternal uncle) came on his bike with one of my cousins and the next thing I knew was me sitting behind mama ji on his bike and being driven to someplace. When we finally stopped it was infront of a hospital. Finally frustrated with being moved here and there I asked where were we going. Mamaji just laughed and shoved me inside a room.

He sat down on a nearby sidebed and I unable to understand what was going on kept staring at the white walls, ceilings and the white curtain that hung on my left. After a while I heard my mother’s voice, “Reeya…” she called, I was shocked, where did that come from and she called me again and only then did I realize that the curtain separated the room in two. I swiped it aay and there my mum lay on a bed. I instantly knew what I needed to look for next. Mum directed her gaze at the white bundle next to her. I went round he bed and lo, there was my baby sibling. “ it’s your brother,” mum smiled and I squealed and my brother being extremely sensitive jerked. I stared at him wide eyed and then was shushed and told to not be loud around him. I still remember nt touching him just staring with all the emotions welling up as a smile plastered itself on my face. He was said to be the ugliest baby in our family (at birth), with a he forhead and a scrunched body, like a monkey, but to me he was the cutest. Being 4 back I don’t remember much after that, there are fragments, of telling my father on phone how I was a big sister now, him coming back home, me buying his first toy for him and all, but our first meeting is the most vivid and the dearest memory of our sibling bond that I have.

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