The Orc Prisoner-Writer Agastya Sharma

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   Writing Contest August 2021 – Kids Category  (fantasy story)| Theme – “Fantasy land “

A long time ago, there lived a boy named Albus. He was the son of Edward Richardson (the most powerful and evilest wizard in the world). Albus had a secret trainer to teach him magic instead of going to school. Edward wanted to make Albus the most powerful wizard in the world.

When Edward was free, he gave Albus lessons himself, he also taught him how to control people’s brains. He also taught him how to turn into an insect and go into people’s brain, and suck the whole body’s blood because if you drink more blood, you can live longer.

One day Albus overheard his father talking to someone about war plans he also heard that they were going to take over Galpin’s Academy of Wizardry, the biggest magic school. Albus ran to his bedroom to call his friends who go to Galpin’s Academy of Wizardry and told them about his father’s plan. He planned with his friends to secretly meet at Godric’s hollow.

Albus was sneaking out the house when his father saw him and asked “Albus where are you going” “for a walk” Albus replied. “In the middle of the night” His father  asked again “I could not sleep so…” “Don’t take long” his father replied. Albus ran out of the house and to Godric’s hollow.
When he reached Godric’s hollow with his friend James, Lily saw a monster. “They are orcs,” said lily. Run, said James.

Albus did not run he pulled out his wand and attacked but the orcs were too powerful then Albus remembered he turned into an insect and
went into the orcs brain and sucked the blood but the orcs knew this trick he prisoned Albus in his brain…

James and Lily ran to find albus’s father and told him that albus was prisoned in a orcs brain. His father knew orcs were more powerful than him because they knew how to control dead people soul and become powerful and the orcs can be at various places at one time so it is difficult to tell which one is real.

But his father also knew that the orc’s power was stored in a golden fleece but the golden fleece was somewhere no one knows. Albus’s father knew that when orcs sleep the bad souls inside them move here and there. From all the bad souls only one good soul knows where the golden fleece is.

Then his father decides to find the good soul when the orcs sleep. There was one more problem that only a soul could meet a soul and if the soul was not back to the body before 6h the person would also be dead. Albus’s father goes to find someone who knows how to separate a body from a soul. So, Edward went into the forbidden forest and surely found a magus (a sorcerer who knows everything). “What do you seek oh great one?” said the magus “I want to know how to separate my body from my soul.” said Edward “That is an extremely dangerous thing to do.” said the magus “I need it is really important, “said Edward, ” You need to talk to your inner soul,” said magus. “And how do I do that,” said Edward “You need to concentrate on your body and find your soul then you’ll be able to talk to it you will be only out for six hours and six hours only if more you will be dead,” said magus.

So, Edward goes to his house and, Edward concentrates and finds his soul he said come out and help me, then his soul comes out of his body, and goes to find the orcs good soul. He looked all over the world the forests, towns, cities, then Edward was going back to his body he saw the good soul he ran to the soul and checked the time twenty minutes he ran to the soul and asked “Do you know where the golden fleece is and could you please tell me” Asked Edward? “It is in the Labyrinth.” said the good soul “where is the Labyrinth,” said Edward It is under your castle find the mark of a maze and press it, will reveal the Labyrinth. Edward rushed to his body and then back to the castle.

He went the basement and found the mark he pressed and as the good soul said there was a huge maze and then Edward remembered the maze had a minitour guarding the golden fleece Edward put his hand on the left wall and followed it to the centre of the maze and then he saw the minotaur when it was not looking, he attacked with his wand and it fell to the ground then Edward quickly ran towards the fleece and destroyed it. And in front of him appeared his son Albus. Edward was delighted to see his son the both ran out of the labyrinth. But then Albus’s face turned sad, what is it his father said? You are going to invade Galpin’s, Academy aren’t you ? No that was just a game they were going to have as a surprise and you were invited. “Do you want to go” Edward asked. “Yes, sure” said Albus and went to sleep…

By Agastya Sharma

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