The Troll Hunter- Writer Aditya Sharma

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 Writing Contest August 2021 – Kids Category  (fantasy story)| Theme – “Fantasy land “

It all started at a great battle between humans and Trolls. Lots of people died, even the master of the golden sword. The sword disappeared and left a message that said the true master can only find it and kill the Troll king and save the world from Trolls. Now the trolls ruled, and only the master of golden sword can save them from Trolls…
One day a boy was born named Leo. He liked playing with swords. He had a Scar Which stood for the golden sword master, but he didn’t know about it.
Leo grew older and learned how to use a sword. Then he got to choose this sword, though he didn’t know which sword to choose. So, the three wise Masters (who were his teachers) told him the sword will come to you. At night he had a weird dream of a sword.
Next morning, He went to see his three wise masters and told them about his dream that
he saw a sword in his dream which the masters recognised that he was the chosen to be the owner of the Golden sword they were shocked and told him about the golden sword. The master said that you must get ready for your journey to find the sword. then you will go to the eastern gate to begin his journey.
After that He went through the eastern gate and saw a monster waiting for him the monster told him that you need told answer a riddle to get through the gate. Up and down, they go and travel, but never do they move an inch? Leo thinks and said “a ladders no stairs! Correct said the giant. But you had two guesses so now I will eat you.
Leo ran through his legs and escaped but the Tetchiness army attacked Leo drew his sword he killed a few but more kept coming. He fought and fought Eventually; Leo was defeated he got taken as a prisoner the Troll king’s castle. He was put in the prison cell until the troll king came to visit him, when the troll king came Leo challenged him to fight. the troll king accepts what is the deal he
asked. If I win, I rule the Kingdom if you win you get me as a slave.
I will begin tomorrow prepare or rest well and be ready to be defeated. Said the troll king.
The tour came and the next day the troll king and Leo. Start yelled one of the soldiers. And the battle begun they both had equal amount of strength. So, the battle went on for a week, and they both agreed to rest. Leo went to the river to rest. He saw something shining under the river, he dived down to cheek it, and he found a shining sword. Leo took the sword out of ground and went to the Troll king to continue the battle.
They fight again but this time Leo was more powerful he defeated the troll king with the golden sword. He went back to the three master and became the king and the master of the golden sword. And he renamed the kingdom as the kingdom of tranquillity (also known as the kingdom of peace) When Leo died his son Nico became ruler and the new master of the golden sword! But No one ever forgot Leo. Who had saved them from the Trolls! And he was remembered as The Troll Hunter. And his son Nico was also a very worthy ruler just like his father!

By Aditya Sharma

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