Walking Corpse- Short Story-Part three

Chapter 3

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I was wondering what else; the God wanted me to do. For what I was still alive sitting next to that bulky marriage counsellor. Yes; a marriage counsellor!

I was sadly mistaken that Isha had moved on. A day ago, as soon as she left the graveyard, I headed straight to my grave, to embrace the fragrance of Isha in the air. I found her wedding ring kept with the rose she left for me. I concluded happily that she had moved on.

I laid on the grave and stared gazing the sky, while playing with her ring in my little finger.  Soon I heard Bhavesh screaming, “Leeeee………….!”. He ran towards me as I quickly got up. Isha stood like a rock at her place. She fainted.

At home, they all were dying to know the reason why I lied to them about my death. My mother was most worried. What I was supposed to tell them. None of them would have believed me. Everybody had a different image of ghost in their minds. Also I had practiced hard and was living a life like living humans for one year. It was hard to break my own disguise. I had no answer.

My full-proof plan had already crashed. I had no move left. I had not prepared any backup plan. Isha didn’t even want to see my face. She caught me red handed. She felt betrayed. Our parents made a decision for us. The very next day, they brought us to that marriage counsellor.

He just reminded me Harry Potter’s cruel uncle Vernon Dursley. His name plate on the table mentioned him as ‘Tom Jacob’. I felt trapped. He looked at me as Tom looks at Jerry when he catches him. He was moving like uncle Dursley moves around Harry with his wicked intensions.

Isha had her session a day before. It was my turn now. After adjusting his big bum on the grand chair, he shot his first concern, “Yes Mr Lee. So you left your wife, come back, apologized, won her heart, lived with her for a year, and then again left her, pretending to be dead. What’s the matter? Tell me.” He put it straight, and leaned back to the typical ‘waiting for the answer’ posture. To avoid the situation I put an excuse “I don’t think she loves me. I guess, she feels she deserves better than me.”

My answer brought a winning smile on his face. As if he was waiting for a complicated situation. Now I was a challenge for him, an interesting case, in which he could put some extra efforts with different approach, and then show it off through rest of his life. He told me he will show me the sessions he had with Isha on a dvd player. He wanted to note down my reactions and make his assumptions.

Tom Entered the DVD in the player and was struggling with wires. I was wondering what will be his reaction after discovering that he was sitting alone in his dark room with a ghost. Like uncle Dursley finds out that Harry possess his powers. Yes he would look the same with his giant body and cunning features. I somehow controlled my laughter. He put off the lights with his remote sat next me adjusting his chair, and played the video on the wall mount Monitor.

Read Part 4 Here

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