What is Digital Marketing? |Digital Marketing-Introduction Part-1

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“Digital Marketing” is the new age cool term in trend, but still out of context for a large audience. A lot of people get confused about what exactly it is?

“It is something related to SEO, Social media or you tube”

Though most of the people have heard of it but they are still clueless. We are going to get a clear picture of digital marketing in next paragraphs. I am addressing following questions in this article.

What is Digital Marketing?

Who need Digital Marketing and why?


Digital Marketing- As the term sounds its simple definition is,” Marketing of brands, products, businesses, or people; on digital platforms.”

Let us start from the term Marketing. In general, whenever someone starts a business, he needs to advertise and provide information, about his products or services; to maximum number of people he can reach. This applies to all businesses, in spite of it’s scale. For example, a home maker who wants to sell homemade cookies and snacks, or a grocery shopkeeper who has a small shop in a residential lane, a bhaji wala (vegetable hawker), or even a tea stall owner (Chai ki Tapari wala), they all apply marketing strategies to create, and keep customers.

Big businesses, like banks, cosmetics, malls, shopping centres, clothing, mobile phones and services, real estate, whatever you can think of, they all have their separate marketing departments, including a big team of marketing experts, who develop and perform marketing strategies.

In modern times, service providers, like doctors, educators, actors, also take care of their PR strategies, for Image branding.

In short, all the professionals apply marketing plans for their growth. Their goal is to reach the customer who is interested in purchasing the services or products, make him buy that, and keep him satisfied so that he can come again and again.

We see these marketing activities in day to day life. Flyers, advertisements in the newspaper, magazine, hoardings on the road, posters on the buses and in the trains, promotional activities outside collage, or any shop, or in the mall, sales calls or visits to our homes, marketing messages, e mails, etc.  And publishing media businesses like newspapers, magazines, television and radio runs only on advertisements.

According to the budget, every small or big business people, plan and perform these activities. They make sure; we (potential buyers) keep watching these advertisements everywhere. So they put them at every corner where we could see.  So, as soon as any new technology enters in to our lives, marketing activities come along. Be it, phone, tv or radio.

Same happened with the internet also. As soon as, we reached on the social networks (Facebook, twitter, linked in etc.), emails, search engines like Google; advertisements and promotions followed us. And a new division of Marketing is developed.

Pause for a minute and think of what do you do on the internet every day.

On a usual day as soon as you open you mobile or the computer, you might check what’s app, Face book, Instagram or any social platform, and then your emails; or vice versa. When you want to look for some information you go to the search engine, may be Google. You put your queries your search engines reverts you hundreds of website links which contains the information you are looking for. So you land on the different websites looking for something of your interests. And of course you often visit your favourite YouTube too. You also use many mobile apps for shopping, creating collages, gaming, and for every other thing that was done physically before. On the computer also almost everything, that we could do physically, from shopping to banking, can be easily done online now a days.

And since you are potential customers for all the sellers, they ensure that no platform is left behind. Everywhere you go, you find advertisements, on face book, you tube, Google, emails and on other service sites.

Marketing Mediums-

We can now summarize the mediums (the things) where a seller put his advertisement or promote it in other ways.

Traditional Mediums for marketing includes-

  • Print media- advertisements on newspaper, magazines, newsletters, billboards, flyers, posters etc.
  • Broadcast Media (Mass Media)- Television, Radio, screens in the buses, or trains or on the station
  • Telephone – Marketing/sales cold calls, customer care (to keep customer relations and satisfaction), SMSes.
  • Promotional Activities- customer engaging activities at different places like malls, market, offices, etc, for promotions and data collection.
  • Referrals- Word of mouth publicity of a brand to the new customers from their own friends.

Digital mediums for Marketing includes–

  • Search Engines- For example: Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Social Media- For Example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Linked In
  • Online Publishing – Blogs, Forums, News reports, Articles, Reviews
  • Email
  • Mobile Applications
  • You tube Channels


What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing of products, services, brands, or people; on the internet, is called Digital Marketing. And all the mediums, other than internet are considered as Traditional mediums for marketing, as they are been used for ages.

Who needs Digital Marketing and why?

Every business person, or Individual; who wants to promote his business, or create and establish brand awareness makes use of digital marketing techniques and platforms.

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