What otherskills do you need for digital marketing? | Digital Marketing  Introduction Part-6

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Digital Marketing Learning Purposes

Why are you here?

We have seen before what you need to learn in the digital marketing. the “digital marketing concepts “. Here I would like to make yourself clear that why do you want to learn this subject? Where are you going to use this knowledge?  This understanding will make it easy for you to understand the course subjects and select your area of specialization at an early stage and keep focus while perusing the course.

So I am sure you must have heard or even may have implemented some of the digital marketing concepts and tools before, and then decided to go forward with it. You can anyone of the following.

(Find your category and remember your number for further reference.) 

  1. You are a small scale business owner (start-up owner), whatever may be the industry. For example – real estate consultancy, software development start up, financial consultancy, coaching centres (or any other industry)
  2. You want to run or already running an ecommerce website.
  3. You have consultancy or any other online business.
  4. You are a blogger or have a YouTube channel; or planning for any of these and want to earn from it.

[All of you 1-4, are sellers/business owners and you are going to use Digital Marketing Skills for your own business growth]  

  1. You belong to writing/ IT/ designing or any other related industry and someone has suggested you that you can earn well and make a parallel career through working as a freelancer for Digital Marketing agencies or directly for clients.
  2. You are a fresher and want to make a full career into this.
  3. You are already an marketing professional in an big company and need certification for you growth within your department.

[All of you 5-7, will be employees/ freelancers and you are going to provide Digital Marketing Services others by implementing Digital Marketing Skills] 


This exactly like after doing a management course, a person can run his own business or he joins his father’s already established business.  Or he can join a big company’s Marketing department and implement his skills for the growth of the company.

Skills every professional who will use Digital Marketing ,should have-

Pre-requisites :-

In digital Marketing, we learn SEO , SMM,….. STOP!!! First make the basics clear in your head, before jumping on the technical terms.

With every subject certain skills are associated, which makes it easy for the student to learn acquire and apply in real life. For example, a Marketing Student needs to work hard on his communication skills along with all the other theory subjects of his syllabus. Or an artist should work on his aesthetics, to create better work. A sports person along with his hard core training, practice and exercises need to learn about nutrition, to keep his body healthy. Similarly with Digital Marketing following skills are associated which make it easier to implement the strategies and techniques learnt during the course, and get better result in lesser time.

Since digital Marketing totally runs on the software’s and also it interacts with clients directly in the form of written or visual content;  it needs, a combination of technical, marketing , writing and creative skills.

  • Marketing-

To fetch the customers on the internet on various platforms like search engines, emails, social networks, etc., you will use different tools, (programs), but you must need to have basic or detailed (depending on your role in the team) understanding of the Marketing Skills, to use these tools effectively.

  • Designing-

Since Digital Marketing is a visual medium; you must apply creative skills in whatever you do. For example, while developing of a website deciding the website’s colour theme, logo, etc., While creating Advertisements you will need posters or small videos, , Social Media pages will constantly need to be highlighted with the beautiful posts , and even broachers or newsletters in  the emails should be  effective .

Whether you yourself are designing the material, or getting it done by some expert artist, you must possess aesthetics, which will make your brand to be loved at the first sight. So of basic knowledge Designing Principles is important.

  • Content Writing-

All the platforms, search engines, emails, social media, or even YouTube, contains written content which is going to attract viewers. Even writing an email subject line, or simply a post of Facebook, one must know the basics for creative writing.

  • Technical Competency-

After all here our medium is digital. All the things will be running on the devices like Computer, laptop or Mobiles. So we will need to work with technical people like programmers, website designers and developers. So it will be better if we understand the basics, like how a website and internet works? What are the platforms on which all this is running?

You of course, need not to learn programming and become an engineer, and do it yourself, but you should surely have a clear picture of what the different tools, platforms are and how they work.  This will facilitate you to provide instructions to your technical team and you will have smooth workflow.                                     

“Oh!! So to perform Digital Marketing, I will need to become a programmer, artist, writer and marketing expert . That is too much.”

Wait, No, you don’t need to be an expert in all of these skills. Chances are you are already working in one/ more, of the above fields and you might have no clue about rest of the others. So the point is, you need to get an introduction of the other areas along with the digital marketing concepts and tools, to create best strategies and apply them efficiently.

This was the end of our Introduction Module.  I hope it was direct, easier, and in correct sequential version of “Introduction to Digital Marketing” topic. We will Come up with the detailed step by step , Modules on the  Topics. Stay Tuned !! 🙂

Read Articles in the Series Here

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