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Thank you all the Participants Writers and Readers !!!! Send your stories for publishing to email@catchyourbreath.in   

-:Results Of the Contest:-

1. Category- Social Cause: “अच्छा लगता है”- Winner Entry : अच्छा लगता है – लेखिका अंकिता पुराणिक

2. Category – Motivational Writing : “An incident that changed my life” –
Winner Entry : उन्नति के सूत्रधार – Writer Mr. Prasad Dange

3. Category- Raksha Bandhan : “Sibling Bond” Winner Entry : Sibling Bond– Writer Reeya Joshi

4. Kids Category- “Fantasy Story” : Winner Entries – I) First Winner : The Orc Prisoner – Writer Agastya Sharma | II) Second Winner : The Third Eye– Writer Debaditya Majumder | III) Third Winner : The Troll Hunter– Writer Aditya Sharma

Special Prize : My Little Brother– Writer Maahi Lohiya


  1. The writing contest is running under 5 categories. ( We have reopened the contest entries for all categories with the last date 11th September)
  2. Everyone can participate under any category, or even more than one with different stories. Only the kid’s category has a restriction of age group. But if the kid wishes, they can submit entries in the other categories too.
  3. Registration is free. No cost.
  4. All entries will be published on www.catchyourbreath.in  along with the writer’s details and picture.
  5.  Entries are accepted in Hindi or English.  [Marathi Entries are also welcome !!! they will be translated and published in all three languages and will be judged accordingly]
  6. Word Count must be min 600 words.
  7. Stories must be original, and not published anywhere on the internet.
  8. Write the story in the “MS Word File ” (doc. format) along with details: name, profession, short bio, age (for kids), class (for kids), school (for kids) and a photograph and email us all together at email@catchyourbreath.in
  9. All the participants will get e-certificates. All participants (except the kids) category will get a straight 50 % discount on any of the digital marketing courses run by “Digital Marketing Learning Maps”. All participants in Kid’s Category will get a “Basics of animation” online Class free.
  10. The winners in the 4 categories (except kids’ category) will get e -Gift Voucher worth Rs. 250. Kids first three winners will get books as prizes.
  11. Judge’s Decision will be the last.


  1.  “अच्छा लगता है “ | Theme -Social cause

    Did you ever feel a strange happiness after helping someone? It might be the smallest gestures like, telling some stranger the address. Or giving up your seat in the bus to an elder person. Our feeding street animals. The joy of giving in incomparable.

    Write about any event /incident/ work/ episode or even a small gesture where your efforts have contributed to the happiness for someone else. And you felt real happiness within.

    Judge –  Mrs. Archana (Kale) Dagaonkar 

    Catch Your Breath- Writing Contest

    The Judge of this Category is M.A (RDE), BE (Textile Technology) working as Social Worker. She is State President of WICCI Textile Council M.P. and Founder of NGO  Uddeshika, which works for underprivileged children and women. Udesshika is also taking initiatives for housewife’s and children who are suffering during the pandemic.  She is Author of the book “Mai Archana”.

  2. “An incident that changed your life” | Theme – Motivational Writing  |

    Every person has something special about them. Every person has gone through a different situation. And thus, every person has something that can inspire the world!!!   Share the story of any moment, incident or destiny happened to you which have    changed your life completely. Share you which will inspire the world.

    Judge –  Mrs Snehal Deshpande
    Catch Your Breath- Writing Contest

    The Judge of this Category is Snehal Deshpande is speaker, consultant and trainer. Snehal provides keynotes, workshops and breakout sessions for trade shows, start-up conferences, colleges. Universities and corporate events; like Start-up Pune, Tata Motors, Trivium Media, Life School Digital, MIT School of Distance Education, Jaipur National University, Assam Down Town University, ICFAI, Universal Training Solutions, Pune Digital Marketers, Akrel Media etc. In addition to keynotes and public speaking opportunities, Snehal is a trainer who has provided training to 500+ individual from India, UAE, USA & UK via online & classroom sessions. She is Author of Published 4 Books in India & USA.

  3. “Sibling Bond” | Theme – Raksha Bandhan

    Share the story of your bonding with you siblings with the world. It can be a childhood secret, a trip to animal, or the joy of the silliest fight. Just gather the precious moments and share with the world.

    Judge –  Mr  Deepak Solanki

    The Judge of this Category is Mr. Deepak Solanki. He is a book publishing expert and the author of “Indori-Alfaz”.  He is also a Textile Technologist by profession who has provided Creative and Engaging Solutions across the Textile Industries.  About 50+ books has  been published under his guidance and he is also the founder of Daiso Publishing House, Five Stars Community and Daiso Technocrats.

  4. “Fantasy Land” | Theme – Fantasy Story by kids

    Come on you little Creators !! pen down a story that comes to you mind. May be about Angles, UFOs, Superhero’s, Aliens, time Machines, Super powers or yourself.  Create a world of yourself and let us in!!! Stories must be of the genre  -Fantasy. that means the world in the story should not be the real one. if the kid wishes to write about anything else from the real world, his/ her entry will be considered in the other categories.

    Judge – Mr. Amikshaya Tiwai
    Catch Your Breath- Writing Contest

    The Judge – The Judge of this Category is Mr. Amikshaya Tiwai. Founder of Kraft Animation film Making Studio.  And has been making animations since 13 years. A childlike person with a genius of Entrepreneur skills along with a creative brain. Under his Company Kraft Creation , he has produced  more than 200+ engaging video content for use on websites, YouTube, social media and in marketing campaigns. corporate Video, Explainer Video, Promotion Video, Advertisement, Product Display, 3D,2D Animation and Motion Graphics.

  5. “Short Story writing” | Theme – Fictional Writing

    All the aspiring fictional writers!! We welcome you to share your stories on our platform. Story can be of any genre. It will be evaluated on the basis of “Basic story formation elements and process”.   Do not miss the opportunity to get a platform for your creation.

    Judge – Mr. Chirag Aacharya

    The Judge – The Judge of this Category is Mr. Chirag Aacharya. Who has been working in the Hindi Film Industry for around 14 year.  He is professionally Director -Writer. He has been writing Screenplays, Scripts, Drama Scripts for theatres.

Hurry Up !!! Happy Writing !!!

The most delightful moments we experience, are the one in which we create something. It is the most excitement feeling, to share that creativity with an audience. And further, the unbeatable thrill, always generates from participating in a competition. As they say, “The joy of any game lies in the journey of the participation.”

So People Gear up !!! Take out pens, pencils, laptop, speech-text …..whatever and share your stories in ” Catch Your Breath – Writing Contest”

Send the Entries to email@catchyourbreath.in    OR   Call : 8655190425

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